Benefits of New Whole-House Air Purification System

You and your family spend a good part of your day in your home. You’ll likely be inside even more with cold winter days fast approaching. Your household deserves a clean living environment free of harmful pollutants and dust. Installing a whole-house air purification system is the most effective way to maintain consistently healthy indoor air quality all year long.

Air Purification Benefits

Your home’s indoor air quality is affected by a host of factors, from the quality of your HVAC filters to your living habits. If you struggle with humidity issues or dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), your family is more likely to experience sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. Living with pets also takes a toll on your indoor comfort. HVAC filters often aren’t enough to combat serious air quality issues.

Individual air purifiers work well in small areas like your bedrooms. Unfortunately, these appliances won’t be able to maintain healthy air quality throughout the home. Investing in a whole-house system provides lasting benefits that boost your household member’s quality of life. Here are a few amazing benefits of installing a premium whole-home air purification system.

Reduces Allergy Symptoms

Modern homes attempt to be as energy efficient as possible by completely sealing off from the outdoors. While this makes your HVAC system more effective, it can also have a huge impact on your indoor air quality. Contaminants can become trapped in circulation, moving from your ducts into your home and then back through your HVAC system. In a sealed home, humidity issues, dust mites, and mold spores can quickly grow out of control. Even using your stove can contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Endless dander, pet hair, and dirt will make it impossible to feel comfortable and healthy. Poor indoor air quality also worsens common allergies and asthma symptoms. A whole-home air purification system pulls contaminants out of your breathing air before they can be circulated. This system provides an additional layer of protection against bacteria, fungi, and pesky VOCs.

Protects HVAC System

Your HVAC filters work to remove contaminants before they enter your furnace or air conditioner. However, when you use low-quality filters or live in a home with poor air quality, more dust and debris will find their way into your system. These particulates will settle on your HVAC system’s vital components, increasing its wear and tear over time.

Accumulated dust in your ductwork also makes your system work harder to push air around the home. Instead of scheduling maintenance a couple of times a year, you may be calling for repairs every few months. Air purification systems stop debris from reaching your ducts. They can also help with mold and moisture issues that would otherwise cause rust and corrosion in your HVAC system.

Improves Comfort

With less dust and dirt in the air, you’ll notice a huge difference in overall cleanliness. You won’t have to dust or vacuum as often as before. Your family will also be able to sleep, relax and breathe better. It’s easy to forget how important your air quality is to your comfort until it suddenly worsens. A whole-home air purification system works alongside your HVAC system to keep your home clean, comfortable, and safe.

Lowers Home’s Energy Costs

In addition to increasing strain on your HVAC system, poor indoor air quality can also raise your costs. Too much debris buildup will lead to your furnace and air conditioner working harder to produce heating and cooling. You may face temperature inconsistencies or uneven airflow that plummets your comfort while skyrocketing your bills.

An abundance of airborne debris will eventually impact other expensive appliances and electronics like your washing machine, refrigerator, gaming systems, and TVs. Too much dust will lead to overheating and jamming, which may shorten your valuable devices’ lifespans.

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