While your home’s HVAC system plays an integral role in your day-to-day life, it is easy to forget about it until something goes wrong. One of the most important things you can do as a homeowner is to regularly maintain your HVAC system to help protect your investment. Through regular maintenance, you will be able to spot early signs of deterioration and fix small issues before they become larger ones. You will also be able to know when your HVAC system is not operating at peak performance and potentially costing you money through unnecessarily high utility bills. When your HVAC system doesn’t have even airflow throughout your home, it will cycle on and off more frequently, wasting energy in the process. Utilizing an air balancing service will help ensure all of the rooms in your home are receiving an adequate amount of air while avoiding cool or warm zones.

HVAC System Assessment

The first step in the air balancing process is to assess your HVAC system. This includes looking at the layout of the ductwork, location of supply and return vents and the design specifications of the system. Using a qualified HVAC company such as George’s Air Conditioning will help ensure your home’s air duct system has the proper layout and doesn’t need a major overhaul before moving forward with the rest of the air balancing work.

Measure Airflow Through the Air Duct System

The next step is to measure the airflow at various points along your home’s air duct system. By using a specialized tool such as an anemometer, we are able to determine the volume of air passing through your air ducts. Based on this amount of air, we can safely determine if your HVAC system is pushing out enough air to actually reach all of the rooms in your home. Also, by taking measurements at different points throughout the air duct system, we are able to easily spot places where there are issues with your ductwork. This can include clogs, partial blockages, cracks or leaks which prohibit the flow of air through the ducts.

Making Adjustments

Once we have measurements of the air flowing through your home’s air ducts and noted where there are issues with the duct system itself, we then make adjustments to your HVAC system. This can involve adjusting dampers within the ductwork to regulate airflow, adjusting fan speeds or modifying settings on individual vents. These adjustments are the bulk of the work when it comes to air balancing as you need to get the HVAC system and air ducts dialed in correctly in order to get the proper airflow throughout your home. Our team has decades of experience and knows exactly what to do in order to get the most out of your existing HVAC system setup.

Testing the Changes Made

After the first round of adjustments, the next step is to conduct the same measurements as before to see how these adjustments have impacted the system. Once again we will measure the airflow throughout the air duct system and ensure there are no blockages in the ductwork or other unintended consequences from the first round of adjustments. We will also measure the air coming out of the vents in all of the rooms in your house to ensure there is adequate airflow to meet your heating and cooling needs. If the airflow measurements are not registering the correct rates, we will make additional adjustments until the air is properly flowing.

An Ongoing Process of Fine-Tuning

Air balancing is an ongoing process that can require fine-tuning as time goes on. As your home experiences changes in occupants, your equipment degrades over time and other external factors impact your HVAC system, you will want to work with a qualified HVAC service such as George’s Air Conditioning to make subtle changes to dial in your airflow. After performing a full air balancing service, it is possible you will need to make small tweaks from time to time in order to ensure even airflow throughout your home. Once our team knows what has helped balance the airflow in your home in the past, it will be easier to diagnose and fix the issue if it comes up again.

Having even airflow throughout your home plays a major role in your overall comfort as well as the efficiency of your HVAC system. Through the process of air balancing, you can help ensure your HVAC system is running at peak performance while evenly distributing treated air to all of the rooms in your home. To learn how your home can benefit from air balancing and other indoor air quality services, give George’s Air Conditioning a call today.

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