Galveston, TX is mainly known for its scorching summers, but the area also tends to experience pretty chilly winters. When the cold weather arrives, you and your family will likely be counting on your heating system regularly to stay warm and cozy in your home. Unfortunately, the more frequently you’re running your heater, the greater the odds will be of the appliance having a mechanical problem. Now, a heating issue doesn’t need to be a disaster, but it can become one if you aren’t proactive about getting the system repaired. So, how do you know when it’s time to have your heater repaired by professionals? Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the most common signs that your household heater is having problems.

1. Weak, Inconsistent, or Uneven Heating

Generally, the clearest sign that something’s wrong with your heater is the appliance doing a poor job of heating your living space. For example, you may notice that your heater is taking longer than usual to warm the house. Alternatively, you may encounter hot and cold spots around your household, which likely means that your heating system is struggling to circulate warm air. When your furnace or heat pump is doing a poor job of providing heat, it could indicate a wide variety of mechanical issues. It’s possible that the system simply needs a tune-up, but there could also be one or more components that need to be repaired or replaced.

If your heater isn’t doing its job effectively, you can always schedule a heating inspection with our skilled technicians at George’s Air Conditioning. Our team will closely examine your heater to diagnose the problem and determine an ideal solution.

2. Declining Energy Efficiency

Another indicator that your heater needs to be repaired is worsening energy efficiency. When your heating system is running smoothly, it shouldn’t have to work particularly hard to do its job, which means that it won’t use all that much electricity. However, if it needs professional repairs, it may start requiring more energy to consistently circulate heat. Ideally, you should closely monitor your monthly household energy costs. That way, you’ll notice right away if your costs rise inexplicably, which will allow you to catch heating issues as early as possible.

3. Unusual Loud Noises

Although a healthy heater won’t necessarily be silent, it typically won’t be overly noisy. If your household heating system begins making loud, persistent noises while running, that’s a clear sign that something needs to be repaired within the appliance. Some of the most common sounds made by ailing heaters include rattling, scraping, squealing, whistling, and humming noises. Different noises tend to indicate different mechanical problems, but our expert technicians at George’s Air Conditioning will be able to accurately diagnose whatever sound your heating unit is making.

4. Discolored Pilot Light

If your household heater is a gas-powered furnace, it will have a pilot light that’s responsible for operating the ignition source. When everything is working properly, this pilot light should always be a solid blue flame. So, if you ever notice that the pilot light is flickering or any other color, that tells you that something needs to be repaired. As soon as you notice this issue, you should shut off your furnace and schedule an appointment with trusted local HVAC technicians, such as our skilled team at George’s Air Conditioning.

5. Abnormal Cycling

Oftentimes, when a heating system needs to be professionally repaired, it will start encountering problems with its cycling. Normally, a heater should only be cycling when additional heat is needed around the house. However, if the appliance is under the weather, you may discover that it’s either short-cycling or cycling constantly. If it’s short-cycling, it will abruptly cut off its cycle before it’s actually finished providing heat. If it’s cycling constantly, its cycles will continue to run even after your home reaches its ideal temperature. Cycling issues can have multiple causes, so you’ll need HVAC professionals to inspect the heater and determine the root of the problem. Then, they’ll be able to figure out the optimal repair to permanently remedy the situation.

Reliable Galveston Heating Professionals

When you need dependable heating repairs in the greater Galveston area, you can always count on our expert technicians at George’s Air Conditioning. We’ve been faithfully serving Galveston residents since 1999, and we consistently go the extra mile to keep our clients healthy, happy, and comfortable. Our skilled team is always available to provide quality heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services. We also work with ductless systems, heat pumps, and commercial HVAC systems. Contact us at George’s Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment!

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