While DIY HVAC sounds like a great idea and is certainly less expensive.. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE to save money and the feeling of accomplishment when you perform an awesome DIY project…Several factors should be considered before just diving into certain projects such as your DIY HVAC project.

Safety First!

Lets not forget you are dealing with ELECTRICITY! Injury can occur if you are not familiar with how to work with Electricity. HVAC units require lots of voltage to run. If you are not 100% schooled in electricity 101 this voltage can seriously injure you resulting in costly medical bills and a busted HVAC unit, resulting in wasted time, effort, your safety, and money! Improper handling of a gas furnace can cause leaks, or explosions, not to mention carbon monoxide poisoning. Lets also not forget that you must be a licensed contractor in the state of Texas to perform, maintenance, installation, and service work to any HVAC system. Having your unit worked on or installed by someone other than a licensed professional can nullify your Equipment warranties.

What Size Area Are You Wanting To Cool?

Who doesn’t love things bigger in TEXAS! However, in this case Bigger certainly does not mean better..HVAC Systems in our Coastal Climate can be tricky. We have the salt air and extreme humidity which creates condensation. You should ALWAYS make sure you are using a correctly sized HVAC unit for the space you are wanting to cool. Not using the correct sizing, can lead to several issues such as.. Door swelling, paint bubbling off cabinets, Feeling Sticky or not comfortable in the home, and lets not forget “Wet Sock Syndrome” Yes, that is a thing. It’s actually a smell of “Wet Socks” constantly and can take many treatments to reduce the smell, and may require other items like UV Lights, and constant maintenance to keep at bay. There are also other factors to consider such as the homes insulation type (yes this matters) square footage, and

Wasted Time and Money

HVAC services often require certain tools and knowledge, trying to install or fix your HVAC system yourself can easily cause more damage, and as a result you may have to replace more parts, leading to costly repairs. Also, don’t forget that to work with refrigerants requires special tanks, and should always be handled by a trained licensed or certified professional.
Performing a DIY HVAC project yourself, to try to save a little money could end up with your bank account taking a severe hit. Overall, it’s just safer for everyone to use a professional licensed or certified, HVAC Company. Compromising safety, could cost you big time, an untrained person working with hazards such as flammable pressurized natural gas, high electrical voltage, toxic combustion fumes, etc. should be left to a trained and certified professional to work safely with these risk..A DO-IT-YOURSELFER IS NOT.

Loss of Warranty

Read the fine print! HVAC Manufacturers generally require Installation, Repairs, and Service work to be performed by a licensed/certified professional to maintain the manufacture warranty. DIY HVAC repairs, service, and installation can lead to the loss of the warranty, and let’s not forget that future potential buyers will find every reason to point out faults in the home. If you have more questions about hvac installation and the impacts of doing things yourself, please don’t hesitate to call.

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