What is a flat rate?

The Flat Rate pricing structure with George’s Air Conditioning assures that you pay 1 Flat rate price for everything. Our Flat Rate pricing system determines the cost of the service repair regardless of the amount of time necessary to complete the service required. That’s right! You pay the same Flat Rate price for the service regardless of the amount of time required to complete your repair. This system prevents inflated charges based on the time required for the diagnosis of the necessary repairs. After the diagnosis and before performing any repairs, your technician will present you with our flat rate book with 3 different tier levels. Standard, Preferred, and Members. Our Stay Cool Be Happy Members receive priority services and no diagnostic fees.

Our pricing is inclusive of the cost associated with extensive training, diagnostic tools and or equipment, customer support, and our expedient services, necessary to provide the level of service we offer all to all of our valued customers. The total service charges will be a combination of factors for your completed repair(s), labor, and the cost for George’s Air Conditioning to provide great quality service to our customers.

As mentioned previously, our Diagnostic trip charge applies to all of our customers (Stay Cool Be Happy Members excluded) and is charged for each instance any customer requests service to be dispatched for an on-site job.
Our Flat Rate pricing system determines the cost of the service repair regardless of the amount of time necessary to complete the service required. Overtime fees may occur for services outside our normal business operating hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday. Please note warranty service calls are only provided during normal business hours.

Explanation of Warranties

Special Orders and Expedited Shipping
For any parts that require special orders or expedited delivery, express shipping may be available.George’s Air Conditioning charges a minimum of $30 express shipping fee and the customer will be charged when the order is placed, in addition to any additional fees should they occur.

Refrigerant Policy

Refrigerants do NOT fall under our Warranty Services under any circumstances. Leaks in the refrigeration system cannot be foreseen and any loss of refrigerant will not be replaced under warranty. If the recommended repair and or leak search has been recommended and the customer chooses not to follow through with repairs, any additional refrigerants needs will be at normal fees and the Dispatch/Trip Charge fee would apply. Simply adding refrigerant is not a system repair and therefore carries no warranty.

Standard Warranty

All services rendered by our George’s Air Conditioning Technician, are entitled to our Labor warranty period of 30 days. If you are a Stay Cool Be Happy Member 90 days, (during active and paid membership) and 1-year Standard manufacturer warranty on the part itself. All of our warranty services are performed Mon-Fri between 8:00 am and 4:30 PM.

Manufacturer Warranty

Many manufacturers provided a basic 5-year warranty, in some cases, you may have a 10-year warranty. We won’t know your specific warranty type until we can contact the manufacturer. Unless an extended warranty is purchased many Manufacturer Warranties do not cover the following: LABOR, SHIPPING, and WARRANTY FEES ARE NOT SOMETHING COVERED BY THE MANUFACTURER. For this is the reason, we provide warranty services during limited times, as this is when our supply houses are in operation. While we are happy to service many brands across the board, DIY units and or equipment obtained from Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon or another 3rd party supplier of some kind are not something we would be able to process under warranty. In these circumstances we are happy to complete the repairs however, you as the consumer will be responsible for completing your warranty processing. Our normal dispatch, flat-rate fee, warranty processing fee, along with any shipping fees will apply and must be paid for at the time your part is purchased.

Extended Warranty

Some parts are warranted by the manufacturer for longer than one year. In such cases, we will provide information on the manufacturer’s extended warranty for those specific parts during normal business hours of Mon-Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 PM. Please see STANDARD WARRANTY.

Warranty Exceptions

The standard warranty does NOT cover the following items: clogged drains, dirty coils, electrical shorts, electrical services, fuses, power surges, the act of God, utility costs, corrosion of any kind, work not performed by George’s Air Conditioning‘s employed technician, normal wear and tear due to lack of proper maintenance if the customer chooses to not go with the recommended repair, anything external to the equipment.

In certain circumstances where a repair is necessary to prevent future system failures, our 30/90 labor warranty would not apply unless the recommended repair is completed with a new FAP/OEM part or universal part Equivalent supplied by George’s Air Conditioning. In such instances, the diagnostic and service fees would NOT be covered under our warranty until the necessary repair is completed. At times it can take up to 90 days for warranty processing to be completed by the manufacturer.

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