Get the Right-Sized HVACR System Installed

An oversized cooling system is expensive to install and reduces indoor air quality. It also has a shorter lifespan than a regular-sized cooling system because it turns on and off frequently.

George’s Air Conditioning uses Manual J, a protocol developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), to determine how much heating or cooling your home or office needs.

How Load Calculation Works to Save Your Money

Our team will accurately enter all the relevant data, such as your home’s orientation, insulation levels, window types, and areas of all surfaces that gain or lose heat, to calculate the load. The result of the calculation shows us how much cooling or heating the property needs in BTU per hour.

Newly built properties have loads of 800 square feet per ton or more. Our experts can select and design a duct system that performs at its maximum efficiency using ACCA’s other design protocols, Manuals S, T, and D.

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