1. Dirty Filters Kill Airflow and Efficiency

    In addition to improving the air quality, air filters improve airflow and efficiency. An air conditioner’s filter needs to be replaced monthly during the months of heavy use to ensure that they are functioning properly.

    It becomes difficult for the system to function properly when the filter becomes dirty. This overexertion will show in your utility bills.

    Check for the MERV rating, which is the filter’s minimum efficiency reporting value. The higher the rating, 1 to 12, the better the filtration it provides. Once you get to MERV 14 and higher, however, you might need a professional modification to account for the larger filter size.

  2. Regular Maintenance is Crucial

    It is very important to get your HVACR system checked bi-annually for safety and longevity. Get your unit looked at once in the spring (for air conditioning) and once in the fall (for heating), in between the more intense weather months.

    Don’t wait until your system breaks down to call a professional. A technician will identify lurking issues and deal with any repairs before you’re looking at a costly and premature system replacement.

    If you get your system checked regularly, your air conditioner should last up to decades! Without, you’ll be lucky to reach 10 years of use.

  3. Condenser and Compressor Must Stay Clean and Clear

    The condenser coil is where the refrigerant undergoes the process of returning from gas to liquid. It is located in the outdoor unit.

    A compressor raises the pressure of the refrigerant and moves it along. It works with a fan to complete the cycle. All of this is happening in the outdoor condenser unit. It is very important to keep the outdoor unit clean if you want your AC to keep pumping out that cold air.

    Clean your unit monthly to ensure that no debris is stuck in the fins. All sides of the unit should be clear of dirt, leaves, grass, hanging branches, or anything else up to at least 24 inches. That means trimming back encroaching plants and making sure not to stack anything on top of the unit.

  4. You Can Help Keep Your AC Cool

    We understand that your air conditioner is supposed to keep your home cool. But there are a few things you can do to reduce the load of your air conditioner.

    If your home is already too hot, your air conditioner will have to work hard. If the temperature in your home is already super-hot before you turn on the unit, the air conditioner has to work hard to bring down the temperature and restore comfort.

    You can keep the blinds and shades closed during the day to keep the indoor temperature down naturally and give your system a much-needed break.

    It is important to keep your air conditioner from overworking. This way it will extend the life of your air conditioner.

    You can also assist your air conditioner by sealing up air leaks, improving insulation, and using ceiling fans or floor fans to create a wind-chill effect.

  5. Technology + Thermostat = Worry-Free Comfort

    A programmable or smart thermostat in conjunction with your central air conditioner will provide seamless comfort.

    A programmable thermostat will raise the temperature while minimizing heat generation when you are away. That way you won’t be paying in excess for cool air when you’re not even home to enjoy.

    If you always get home at a particular time, you can program your thermostat to have the house at your desired comfort level when you arrive and for the rest of the evening. Looking into the latest thermostat technology will improve the performance of your air conditioner and you can enjoy customized and cost-efficient comfort all year round.

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